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TJ Watt says Goodbye to teammate Bud Dupree

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost an integral part of their defense yesterday. Bud Dupree has reached a deal with the Titans on a massive new deal. This is a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers heading into 2021 because when Dupree went down the Steelers defense struggled to get pressure on the quarterback. Alex Highsmith will be the next man up, but it is going to take some time to fill in Bud Dupree's shoes. He showed some flashes in 2020, but he still has a few years before we see his true potential.

TJ Watt had to say goodbye to one of his favorite teammates on the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. Dupree and TJ Watt were a special duo on the football and one that was probably the best in the NFL. Even Mike Tomlin says TJ Watt is a lone wolf when it comes to practices with the Steelers, but the one person TJ loved to talk to was Bud Dupree. They had a special bond in Pittsburgh, but unfortunately, TJ had to say goodbye yesterday. Watt sent out a tweet saying he could not be happier for Bud Dupree. He is a great player and an even better teammate! Watt will miss his picnics in the backfield with Dupree.

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