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TJ Watt needs Two More Sacks to break James Harrison's Steelers All-Time Franchise Record

Let's start this article out by saying TJ Watt deserves the Defensive Player of the Year Award for the 2020 Season no matter where the Pittsburgh Steelers place. He has been dominating on the field every single week this season. In fact, TJ Watt became the first player in Steelers History to have 14+ Sacks in multiple seasons. The 14th player in NFL History with at least 14.5 sacks in back to back seasons. He now sits at 15 sacks for the 2020 season. 2 shy away from James Harrison's All-Time Franchise Sack Record in a single season with 16.

TJ Watt currently has 53 combined tackles, 10 assisted tackles, 15 sacks for the 2020 season. He has 49.5 career sacks in just 4 years of football with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers better back up the brinks truck to keep him in Pittsburgh. In 2020 he has 15 sacks, 2019 he had 14.5 sacks, 2018 he had 13 sacks, and finally in 2017 he still had 7 sacks during his rookie season. He has been a monster with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The question is should the Steelers let him play on Sunday against the Browns? He always has a tremendous game against the Browns. The Steelers should rest their starters, but it seems every year TJ Watt comes close to breaking the All-Time sack record in Pittsburgh he is sat for the last game of the year to rest up for the playoffs. Tomlin hasn't said a word about whether the Steelers will start or sit their starters against the Browns, but it would be incredible to see TJ Watt finally break the record. He will need just 2 more sacks. It is up to Coach Tomlin to decide whether or not he deems it necessary to put his starters into harms way a week before the playoffs. We think we would sit TJ Watt out of caution. Although it would be incredible to see him break the All-Time Steelers sack record.

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