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TJ Watt has been Impressive on the Football Field but he is not Satisfied

TJ Watt has had a special couple of months on and off the football field. He was picked to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated for the month of October. He did a show on Fox called Ultimate Tag with both of his brothers. On the football field, he currently has 5.5 sacks through 7 weeks, 17 solo tackles, and 1 interception. He is ranked 1st in QB hits (15), 1st in Tackles for losses (12), 3rd in pressures (31), and 5th with (5.5 sacks) in the NFL. Those are impressive numbers!

Along with the impressive numbers he has been named the Highest-Graded Edge Defender in the NFL by Pro Football Focus for multiple weeks now. He is currently ranked 93.0 above Khalil Mack (91.5), Myles Garrett (88.9), and Demarcus Lawrence (85.0). With all of his accomplishments on and off the field and being currently 6-0, TJ Watt is still not satisfied.

“We have goals so high for ourselves because we know what we can do when we feel like we can be a truly special defense, and that’s why no one’s really satisfied after today. We need to do a lot better job, especially in the second half. But it starts with the run. And even though we did a good job in the first half, we got to continue and roll it over into the second half.”

He is frustrated by the Steelers not being able to play a full game. Rightfully so. They were up 27-7 on the Titans Sunday and they let them come back, but ended up winning that game only by 3 points. He feels they need to continue doing a good job in the second half and continue pushing on the gas until the end of the game. That is something many of the Steelers players have said they will be working on during this week's practice for the Ravens. The ultimate goal in Pittsburgh is to perfect their craft and win another Championship. TJ Watt has been playing at a high level this season. He should be up for the Defensive Player of the Year Award if he continues to stay healthy and play at the level he currently is. The Steelers mentality is to win or go home this season. Killed or be killed. We could go on and on, but one thing is for sure this is a Super Bowl-caliber team and time will only tell if they can bring home number 7 to Pittsburgh.

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