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TJ Watt finished the 2020 Regular-Seaon with the Defensive Triple Crown

There is nothing left to say about TJ Watt's 2020 Season other than it was Special. The Steelers players also felt that way voting him the team's MVP for the second season in a row. Even Mike Tomlin said TJ is visiting from another planet because he is freakishly unique talent coupled with freakishly unique work habits and mindset, and it produces what we witness every single week. Tomlin then endorsed TJ for the Defensive Player of the Year Award because last season everyone knew TJ Watt was robbed of it.

Not only did Mike Tomlin have plenty to say about TJ Watt, but Kevin Greene also boasted about how complete TJ is in the NFL. In fact, he said Watt is the most complete defensive player in the league currently. Yes, even over Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald. That was a huge endorsement coming from the Hall of Fame Linebacker himself. Through 15 games this season he finished leading the NFL in sacks (15), tackles for losses (23), and QB hits (41). That is the Triple Crown for a Defensive Player and it was done in only 15 games as he sat Sunday against the Browns to rest up for the playoffs. Where does TJ get this motivation to play at a high level? JJ Watt's 3 Defensive Player of the Year Awards.

TJ Watt on seeing his brother JJ Watt's Defensive Player of the Year Awards: “Yes, I’ve seen all three of them,” T.J. Watt said. “Every time I FaceTime they are in the background, so I have seen them plenty of times. Every time I visit him I go into his office, and I see all three of them sitting there.”

TJ Watt is the third player ever to end the season with the Triple Crown in the past 15 years. JJ Watt and Aaron Donald have hit that milestone in that time frame. That is special company to join. TJ will probably be the highest-paid Linebacker in Steelers history once his fifth-year option runs out. There are no options other than keeping TJ Watt in Pittsburgh. He is a once in a lifetime talent who is quiet off the field, but a monster on the football field. There is nothing more that you want from a Football Player other than one who just shows up, puts in work, and goes home. No drama on or off the football field. The Pittsburgh Steelers and TJ Watt are a match made in heaven.

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