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Titans OL Taylor Lewan says Dupree and Watt wanted to fight him after the Steelers game at the Bus

Taylor Lewan welcomed Bud Dupree to the Titans in a big way yesterday. Lewan talked about some interactions he had with Dupree in the past. Those interactions with Bud Dupree were not friendly either.

Kidding, of course, Taylor said, "One-time TJ watt and I got into it his rookie year and Bud Dupree said he and TJ were gonna fight me at the bus after the Steelers played the Titans. They didn’t and I appreciate that." He also welcomed Dupree to the team on Monday.

Both Taylor Lewan and Bud Dupree will have plenty to talk about this offseason. Both are recovering from ACL surgery and both are poised to make big impacts when they come back on the field in 2021.

Lewan loves Nashville and also has a Podcast titled, Bussin' with the Boys' and I expect to see Bud Dupree on that Podcast in the near future. I'm sure Bud will take some of his "Bud Brought a Buddy" skills over when he jumps on the bus to chat with Lewan and teammate Will Compton.

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