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Titans break protocol and practice at Montgomery High School after Covid-19 disaster

The wheels have officially come off of the Tennessee Titans. A report by Paul Kuharsky posted this afternoon shows a handful of Titans practiced on September 30th at Montgomery High School after they were directed by the NFL not to hold get-togethers while the team's facility was closed due to a Covid-19 outbreak. The NFL told the Titans on September 29th there were to be no in-person meetings, workouts, activities at the team's facilities, or anywhere else. Students on campus noticed the players at the private school and took pictures of the players practicing. The Titans deserve the full wrath from the NFL commissioner. This clearly shows they broke protocol after the NFL advised them not to get-together. The NFL has also asked the Titans to turn over videotapes from inside their facility.

The NFL is investigating the Titans mask usage in the team's facility. The investigation is involved around Sam Bowen. Ryan Tannehill said on his recent Zoom meeting on September 30th that you can't just sit around and lay on the couch all week.

“You can't sit around on the couch for a week and be on a Zoom meeting and expect to go be at a physical peak on a Sunday, or whenever the game is going to be. It's going to look a little bit different for everybody, what they're able to do, where they're able to work out, in a garage, in a gym somewhere, I'm not even sure."

On October 1st Titans Head Coach Mike Vabrel reminded his players not to get together a day after they did on September 30th at Montgomery High School.

“Reminded them to not gather with each other, players and staff, until we can find a safe way to enter in back to our building,”

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