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Three Players who could be cut after training camp

(Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

The Steelers have a very deep roster. I think this team could end up looking very different in 2021. There are three players in my mind that I think can end up not being on the Week 1 Roster.

Jaylen Samuels

Jaylen Samuels in my opinion has overstayed his welcome on the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has hit his ceiling. I wish him the best, I just would like to give another running back a shot on our roster. I think our running backs after Najee should be as follows: Snell, McFarland, and Ballage. I thank him for his time, but maybe he can find another opportunity elsewhere.

Jordan Berry

Jordan Berry has been with the Steelers for a long time. He's been an average punter for the Steelers. With the Steelers addressing the Punter position in the draft, I think the Steelers are clearly moving on from Berry this season. Pressley Harvin III is a young punter and he was one of the best in college in 2020. I wish Jordan the best, but I think he is as good as gone in 2021.

Zach Gentry

Gentry hasn't had much of a shot, however, I think he could be on the outside looking in after the draft. Personally, I think the Steelers could still be looking at bringing back Jesse James and he could end up taking the spot that Gentry is possessing. Gentry could still make the practice squad, but I think his time on the starting roster could be coming to a close.

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