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The Watt Brothers are even competing on the Golf Course during the Offseason

It could have been a Watt brother reunion in Pittsburgh this offseason because JJ Watt was recently released from the Houston Texans. Both sides decided to part ways after JJ Watt asked to be released from the team. So JJ hit free agency and got the best deal he could get with the Arizona Cardinals. JJ wanted to be reunited with his brothers, but the Steelers just couldn't afford what he wanted on the market. That would have been a fun sight to see if all 3 brothers would have landed in Pittsburgh because they always love to compete with each other.

No matter what the Watt brothers are doing in the offseason they always seem to make time to compete with each other. It seems to be a way for all 3 of them to bond together while getting away from football. They were seen recently competing on the golf course. Although it did not look as smooth as their football game they all decided to record each other and laugh while they were attempting to compete in the game of golf.

JJ Watt was seen trying to golf through 3 trees, but the golf ball bounced off all 3 trees and landed back where he was standing. TJ Watt tried to take a chip shot over a rock, but it hit the rock and bounced to the side. Derek Watt tried to hit the golf ball out of some rough grass and it went sideways when he hit the ball. Not really sure who won this weekend between the Watt brothers, but it looked like all 3 struggled and it was more of a battle for who was not the worst at the game of golf.


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