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The Steelers should bring back Vince Williams over Alejandro Villanueva

Why does it seem like the Pittsburgh Steelers are so hell-bent on bringing back Alejandro Villanueva? Don't get me wrong Villanueva is an American Hero who served this Country and I thank him constantly for his service with this Country, but toward the end of the season in 2020, you could see Villanueva is starting to look very washed up.

Ed Bouchette on Vince Williams this morning with 93.7 the fan: "Hey look, Vince Williams hasn't signed anywhere yet. You know... who knows. If nobody really wants Vince, I think you can swallow your pride for a million dollars right?"

It looks like Bouchette thinks the Steelers should bring back Vince Williams for at least a million dollars. That would be a much better idea than bringing Alejandro Villanueva back on a multi-million dollar deal. The Steelers lack depth in regards to the inside linebacker position as they only have Robert Spillane and Devin Bush right now. If they can bring Vince Williams back that would help with depth and the Steelers can still go into the 2021 NFL draft and take an inside linebacker too.

Vince Williams is a very popular Pittsburgh Steeler and it was a sad day when the Steelers decided to cut him. $7 million dollars in 2021 would have been a lot for Vince William's services, but I think the Steelers should at least attempt to try and bring him back. It does look like the Steelers are going to bring Villanueva back as they told him to delay selling his house. The Steelers and Villanueva are far apart on numbers, but it seems both sides are still negotiating. I feel the Steelers can get a better bargain with Vince Williams than with Alejandro Villanueva. You will get much more out of Williams too.


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