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The Steelers seem to be in good shape in regard to COVID-19 Vaccinations

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

COVID-19 left us in some very strange times. We had players who had to miss a game or two because of protocols and we also had players test positive for this virus. While they were likely going to have a smooth recovery, it was still a tough break to have to deal with the virus.

However, with vaccines now becoming widely accessible, NFL Players are now able to be vaccinated. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk had this to say, " Mike Tomlin has worked his interpersonal football-coach magic to ensure that guys are getting the shot. And it probably was easy for him to do it."

This is good news for the Steelers because now the Steelers can be more relaxed in regards to the crazy protocols that they had to deal with last season. The Steelers dealt with that adversity exceptionally well, however, it's good to know that it'll be easier on the team this season.

Florio also said this, "Who’s going to ask questions or roll their eyes when Tomlin comes up and says that? Who’s not going to get the shot after getting that kind of direction?" This is also a good point, Mike Tomlin is a master motivator and he probably does a good job at persuading the masses over the benefits of getting the shot.

It's a tough choice to make, however, while there are some concerns possibly over the vaccinations' long-term effects, it is also working to protect others and hopefully ending this pandemic.

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