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The Steelers Offense was the easiest to prepare for in the NFL according to NFL Players and Coaches

Randy Fichtner's offense was about as predictable as a Pittsburgh Steeler fan hating Mark Madden. Even Steeler fans knew what they were going to do before running their plays just from watching it through their television. Everyone was saying the Steeler's offense was too predictable, but Tomlin and Fichtner refused to listen to anyone and ended up being eliminated in the first round of the NFL playoffs. You get what you deserve at the end of the day.

Aditi from the NFL Network: "I had multiple players on other teams tell me that the Steelers offense was the easiest offense to prepare for in the NFL."

Nothing new in regards to being the most predictable offense. At times teams were calling out the Steelers saying they were exposed. Yet Mike Tomlin refused to change their scheme. In fact, the Steelers were exploited so badly they ended the season 1-6. The offense ended up being the number 24 ranked offense overall in the NFL and number 12 ranked offense in scoring. They ended the season rushing the football dead last. Again you get what you deserve when you know there is an issue and refuse to fix the bleeding.

The Steelers did let Randy Fichtner go in the offseason (Thank God), and hired Matt Canada as their new offensive coordinator. Tomlin and the Steelers feel Matt Canada will bring an offense into 2021 not predictable at all. Only time will tell if Canada will work out in Pittsburgh. Let's just hope it is 10x better than the product Fichtner placed on the field.

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