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The Steelers need to take RB Najee Harris in the First Round of the 2021 NFL Draft

Let's get this out of the way first. The Offensive Line Draft Class in 2021 is extremely deep. The Steelers just drafted Kevin Dotson with their 4th pick in 2020 who turned out to be a gem. Najee Harris is the ONLY runningback that I would take in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Why? Najee Harris is that dominant on the football field and the shot in the arm the Pittsburgh Steelers running game needs right now.

If Najee Harris falls to the Pittsburgh Steelers they have no choice but to take him with their first-round pick. You can argue until the moon falls off of the face of the earth that running backs are not first-round picks, but I am telling you Najee Harris is that special. Harris's size, speed, athleticism, blocking, and third-down abilities are elite. He is a lethal every-down back and one who would fit into Pittsburgh's physical running system with ease.

Najee had 152 rushing yards with a touchdown against the Georgia Bulldogs, 100 yards rushing against Missippi State, 206 rushing yards with a touchdown against Ole Miss, 3 rushing touchdowns against Missouri should I continue? The only game Harris was slowed down in was the Texas A&M game and he still found the end zone twice! During the Florida Gators game in which Alabama dominated, Najee Harris picked up a 2-yard run in the fourth quarter becoming Alabama's career leader in rushing yards (3,592), surpassing Derrick Henry's record (3,591).

He brings tenacity to running the football and typically brings flashy runs as well. The likes of which Pittsburgh hasn't seen since Le'Veon Bell. Let's just say Najee will be MUCH better in the NFL than Bell was. Pro Football Network says Harris is an interesting running back prospect because they have never seen the skill-set he brings into the NFL draft at running back before.

I keep on telling Pittsburgh Fans Najee Harris is a different breed when it comes to running the football. He will bring back physical running football to the Pittsburgh area none of which we have seen since Jerome Bettis. Not only is physical, but he is dominant with catching the ball out of the backfield and blocking. The Steelers must take him if he is there with pick number 24 or if they decide to trade up and get him. Then I would take an offensive lineman in the second round of the NFL draft and go from there. If Art Rooney II and the Steelers do that then they're committed to bringing the running game back to Pittsburgh.

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