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The Steelers need a complementary tight end to Eric Ebron

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers are looking to be thin on the Tight End front in 2021 with the departure of Vance McDonald going into retirement. We wish him the best, however, with him being gone the Steelers are going to be looking hopefully to improve the position.

I know the Steelers have Eric Ebron. However, what the Steelers need is a nice complementary piece that can block. That is not Ebron’s strong suit. That is no shot at him. He brings a lot to the table with his receiving ability for sure. However, we know what it is like to not have that reliable blocking Tight-End or just another Tight-End period we saw that when our other TE’s were injured or on the COVID-19 list.

I think the Steelers need to look at this draft and try to find a Tight-End who is ready to compete immediately. No more projects, we need a player who is ready to play now. This would help improve the Steelers passing game and the running game in turn.

It would be awesome to sign a player like Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry or even Rob Gronkowski. Sadly, the Steelers do not have the money to do something like that. However, I would not rule it out completely for years future to get a big-time player like that. I also do not want another Ladarius Green situation coming to Pittsburgh.

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