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The Steelers Need Some Changes

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After the crazy good start from the Steelers, it seems as if the wheels have finally officially come off. We got embarrassed by the Browns tonight and it is hard to see us coming back from this. It is a shame. I really liked this team and the personnel. However, all good things must end. It is very clear that this team will be much different next year.

Honestly, I am ready for it. It is time. This team has not been able to get over the hump. The offensive line just sucks. They need to get younger at the position and possibly make some signings in FA or Draft some talent.

That first snap by Pouncey was just atrocious and really summed up the Steelers. They just never lived up to the hype they set themselves up for starting off 11-0. The whole quick passes situation by Big Ben was good at the beginning of the season when it was new. However, now everyone has seemed to figure it out and the Steelers have not been able to adapt.

That lies on offensive coordinator Randy. He has proved to be a very horrible play caller this season. It seems as if it was all on Ben quite a bit after the first couple drives stalled. This team just never seemed to get going and it was very unfortunate.

Such high hopes. That just got shot down at the wrong time. Right now, the AFC still belongs to the Chiefs with the other three teams in the AFC North looking at some bright futures ahead. The Steelers need to adapt quickly if they want to be able to compete with these teams.

Adapting might mean having Big Ben retire. It really might. He has been great. However, we need to find our Mahomes, Allen or even Lamar it is somehow possible. We just need to get younger at the position. Perhaps it is time to look to the future and beyond.

I do not think we need to get rid of Cam Heyward. He is one of the best players on our defense. However, the team might look at getting rid of Joe Haden. Which would be a real shame. He has been one of my favorite FA acquisitions and he truly does not deserve to be cut. However, in the interest of saving money he might be gone.

We love our Steelers. However, just three playoff wins this decade, doesn't cut it.


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