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The Steelers must get their running game going

The Pittsburgh Steelers have finally had a taste of defeat on Monday against the Washington Football Team. Mike Tomlin seemed relieved after the game that his team lost which sounds funny, but it takes the pressure off of the Steelers. It also can help keep bring the Steelers back to reality and keep them humble. The Steelers offense has been struggling for quite some time and it is remarkable they're sitting at 11-1 right now. The running game was at its worst against the Washington Football Team by rushing the ball 14 times for only 21 rushing yards all game. The longest rush the Steelers had against the Washington Football Team was with Anthony McFarland Jr. for 9 yards. That is abysmal for Professional Football.

It seems the Steelers are slowly becoming one dimensional and their opponents are starting to figure out their offense. Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball 53 times against the Washington Football Team. He threw for 51 times against the Baltimore Ravens, and 46 times against the Jaguars. That is 150 passes Ben Roethlisberger has attempted in 3 games. That is insane. No wonder why teams are starting to figure out the Steelers offense because they will just expect the pass. The Steelers should expect to get James Conner back this week against the Buffalo Bills which would be a big welcome for the team. Conner rushed for 13 times and gained 89 yards against the Jaguars before ending up on the Covid-19 list.

Listening to Steeler Nation Radio after the game you would have thought the world was ending when Yinz said the Steelers will probably not win a game for the rest of the season because they showed the world, they can't run the football. Give the Steelers the benefit of the doubt to fix their running game because after all they're 11-1 and are still the top team in the AFC right now. There is reason to be concerned, but there is no reason to panic just yet. If the Steelers fall to 11-2 and the Browns beat the Ravens who are trying to save their playoff hopes, then there will be a reason to be concerned because the Browns will be 10-3 and the Steelers will be 11-2. That is scary looking toward taking the AFC North.

Leave it up to the Steelers to make things more complicated. All they had to do was win against the Washington Football team and they would have clinched, but thanks to their atrocious rushing game they're right where they belong. The Steelers must take a deep hard look in the mirror this week because right behind them is a very good 9-3 Bills team breathing down their necks. It is imperative for the Steelers to fix their running game and finally get it going or they will be looking at a record of 11-2 come Monday morning.

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