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The Steelers may be 6-0 but now is not the time to celebrate.

What a game yesterday against the undefeated Tennessee Titans! The Steelers started out great during the game but almost ended up going into overtime. Luckily the Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski came in clutch and missed the field goal giving the Steelers the win. The majority of the Steelers players after the game were happy, but they knew right away what game was coming next for them. Another AFC North matchup against the 5-1 Baltimore Ravens.

"I think it's good that we got the win," David DeCastro said. "Whenever you get a win in this league it's awesome, even if it's not pretty. It shows there is room for improvement. I think we are all excited about getting better as the season goes on, that is the key. The first half of the season is what it is. Yeah, we're doing well. You want to get better as the season goes on and stay healthy and make that push toward the end. Everyone is excited right now, but it's not a crazy amount of excitement. We still found a way to win. Now, check the film and get better."

DeCastro is right that the Steelers win was not pretty. They had a 27-7 lead and were cruising to get the victory, but that quickly diminished. Once again the Steelers found themselves in a close game that should have never been that close at the end of the game. You play to win the game in the NFL and not just do what is necessary to win by a small margin. The Steelers need to clean that up quickly. Edmunds acknowledged this at the end of the Titans game.

"Some games we play a great first half, like this game, and we let them come in in the second half. We have to continue to work hard to play a full game. Once we play a full game, offense, defense, special teams, all three sides of the ball, I think we will be great."

The Steelers need to play a full game on Sunday against the Ravens because that is a game they cannot afford to let slip. This is AFC North Football and both teams will be playing for first place in a tough division. Even Ravens Calais Campbell among many other players are acknowledging this is a huge rivalry in all of professional sports.

Calais Campbell said this morning "There’s no bigger rivalry in professional sports in my opinion than this matchup,” Campbell said. “As a football fan, I’ve watched it from afar for plenty of years and I’m happy to finally be in it.”

This is a true statement by Campbell and more of the reason why we continue to call for the NFL to flex this game on Sunday. This is America's game of the week and the NFL would miss a huge opportunity by not flexing it.

Tomlin said it best after the Titans game by saying the Ravens have seven days' advantage on the Steelers and they need to get over their win against the Titans quickly because there is more work ahead of them. The Steelers will also go on the road against the Ravens with fans inside the stadium as well. This game benefits the Ravens in so many ways, but the Steelers have a different feel to their 2020 team. They have a Super Bowl feel. If they can just figure out how to play a full game of football by pressing on the gas the entire game then they can be unstoppable. Can the Steelers go 7-0 after Sunday? Yes, they can as long as they quickly get to work and prepare for the Ravens. Sunday couldn't come soon enough!

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