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The Steelers made the right decision to not increase ticket sales during a Pandemic

2020 was a very rough year for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and our lives have forever been changed due to Covid-19. Things are starting to look up recently with the vaccine starting to become available for everyone in the United States and it is looking like we could be back to normal by the end of the year. This is not a political article so please do not twist it into one.

I am glad the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to not raise ticket prices going into the 2021 season. Although NFL teams lost $4 billion dollars in revenue they still made the right decision. You have to take into consideration how bad businesses have been hit with the pandemic as well as your fans. The Steelers can make up the lost revenue easily because they're a billion-dollar organization, but a family that has lost a lot during this pandemic will take time to recover.

If the NFL decided to raise prices during a pandemic that could hurt their business even more. Not only that it would show how greed was put before compassion. The best thing to do for the Pittsburgh Steelers is to finally fill those seats up with fans. It's time to bring back those terrible towels and bring joy to people.

Times have been very rough and if going to a football game can help take their mind off of everyday stress just for a few hours it could mean the world to a family who has struggled. It's time to start seeing those terrible towels in the stands again. It's time to start living a normal life. It's time to start putting this horrible pandemic behind us. Hopefully, we get normalcy soon.


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