The Steelers like Quinn Meinerz but don't know if he will last to No. 55 in the 2021 NFL draft

The question going into the 2021 NFL draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers is whether to reach for an offensive lineman early or hope one will be there later in the draft. That seems to be the process the Steelers are going through right now. It is very apparent the Steelers want a running back very early in the 2021 NFL draft. Will it be a first-round or second-round running back? Only time will tell, but you can guarantee they will look to add a premier running back early on.

Draft expert Tony Pauline said the Steelers have their eyes locked in on 3 players in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. They're Tevin Jenkins, Najee Harris, and Landon Dickerson. They also have their eyes on Center Quinn Meinerz who they like but don't know if he will be there when they pick again in the second round at No. 55 according to Pauline.

In my opinion, Meinerez would give the Steelers more bang for their pick. He played DIII football which means less wear and tear. Not only that I feel the Steelers would reach for Landon Dickerson in the first round due to his knee injuries. He has had two prior ACL injuries during his time playing football. That is concerning for a first-round pick. You want your first-rounder to be able to stay upright throughout the entire football season. The Steelers would take a risk with Dickerson in the first round.

Pauline addressed Dickerson by saying his "knee injuries are not good in the short term, it's also not good in the long term because eventually, that stuff catches up to you." Regardless the Steelers need to take a center in the 2021 NFL draft and I believe Meinerz should be that pick if he is available later in the draft. The Steelers have their eyes on Meinerz and all it would take is for him to fall to them and I believe they could draft him. He fits the Pittsburgh mold perfectly.

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