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The Steelers know they have a target on their back every single week

In the NFL there is no easy game. The Steelers have been finding that out on a weekly basis. The Titans game came down to a missed field goal, the Ravens game came down to one last play for the Ravens and the Cowboys looked like they could have possibly won their game this Sunday. In all 3 games, the Steelers won, thankfully. After the game on Sunday against the Cowboys, Mike Tomlin acknowledged they are going to get everyone's best punch regardless of what their record is.

"We're the Pittsburgh Steelers, everybody knows what that means," coach Mike Tomlin said."We get everybody's best punch, regardless of record. I think people respect our brand and they respect our franchise and its history. That's been my experience over 14 years here. Regardless of our record, people know when they are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and a certain responsibility that comes with our reputation. We're going to get people's best shot."

The Cowboys certainly gave the Steelers their best punch on Sunday and if it wasn't for a Minkah Fitzpatrick interception they could have very well lost that game. The Steelers offense struggled against the Cowboys and Villanueva even told Ben Roethlisberger that could have been the best pass rush they have faced in the NFL so far this season. The ground game was not good against the Cowboys too. The defense played fairly well but made plays when the Steelers needed them. Tomlin said he is grateful for the team's effort on Sunday, but if they continue to have conversations like this every week they're going to end up with an 'L.' Tomlin realizes it is "Every given Sunday," each and every week and is looking forward to getting into the kitchen again with another AFC North rival this coming Sunday.

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