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The Steelers Greatest Attribute to 6-0 Start is Luck

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We should know the drill when it comes to Steelers football by now.

It's never for the faint of heart or the perfectionists. But when it comes to the W, it's all worth the hassle.

Their most prominent strings of luck was a nearly lost fumble on the first drive to James Conner.

Or another nearly lost by Chase Claypool on a jet sweep reverse.

But they would recover and score points on both of those drives. The Steelers would open up a lead as big as 20 points.

Luck wasn't always on their side for this game.

Two of Ben Roethlisberger's three interceptions were on tipped balls, including one on a potential game-sealing touchdown to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

There were opportunities for the secondary to make game-changing interceptions off their tip drills, but luck wasn't on their side like last week and most of the season.

Minkah Fitzpatrick misplayed a tackle that resulted in a long touchdown catch for AJ Brown.

Then a goalline stand was thwarted by a Fitzpatrick holding penalty, that the Titans capitalized on their fifth try with Derrick Henry diving over the defense for a touchdown.

A sense of dread and familiar inevitability as the Titans drove down the field and scored in the 2nd half.

After that interception, it was unwillingly accepted by fans (namely me) that the Titans were going to go down and score a touchdown to win the game.

Then it didn't happen.

It was unwillingly accepted that Stephen Gostkowski would kick the game-tying field goal, and the Titans would repeat their performance last week against Houston.

Then it didn't happen.

The field goal went wide right, cementing the Steelers’ 27 to 24 victory, leaving them the lone undefeated team in the AFC at 6-0.

Easy victories will not happen every week in the NFL. The Steelers’ dominance showed last week against the Browns, and in the first half against the Titans are built on a level of luck.

Wins in this league tend to go by way of a few plays going for one team. Today when it was needed the most, it went the Steelers way.

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