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The Steelers could extend Joe Haden or Steven Nelson in the 2021 offseason

The Steelers are still waiting for the NFL to address the Cap for the 2021 season. This is getting ridiculous because teams need to know what the cap is going to be in order to address their plans heading into the 2021 offseason. It looks like the Steelers are working on restructuring Ben Roethlisberger's contract, but the Steelers shouldn't stop there.

Pittsburgh could extend either Joe Haden or Steven Nelson in the offseason because they're both going into the final year of their contract. Haden will have a cap hit of $15.6 million going into 2021 and Steven Nelson will have a cap hit of $14.4 million. If the Steelers were to cut Joe Haden they would save $7 million and if they cut Steven Nelson they would save $8.3 million. It is hard to see the Steelers cutting both, but there could be a possibility where one could be released.

If the Steelers extend either Haden or Nelson it would help them the same way Ben Roethlisberger will help the Steelers by restructuring his contract.

Here is what ESPN used as an example of extending Nelson's contract: "Let's say the Steelers give Nelson a four-year, $40 million extension. They could guarantee Nelson a $1 million base salary for 2021 and pay him an $18 million signing bonus. With five years of runway, they would be responsible for only $3.6 million of that bonus in 2021, meaning they could keep Nelson around and actually save $3.7 million on their cap. That alone won't be enough to bring back Hilton, but it'll help create space without sacrificing a starter. Extending Nelson and cutting Haden could get the job done."

It would be very hard to see the Steelers cutting their best CB (Joe Haden) in 2021. Cutting him only saves $7 million anyways. It's also crazy to see the Steelers pay 2 CB's $29 million in cap in 2021 too. It would make sense to keep Haden and extend Steven Nelson at this point.

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