The Steelers could be Fined Heavy for their Tik Tok Dance after the game just like the Saints did

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

It is all good in the Pittsburgh Steelers neighborhood. They just were crowned the AFC North champions on Sunday with a 17-point comeback! After the game, the Steelers made some rumbles throughout Social Media with their Tik Tok dance to Corvette, Corvette. It's not about the dancing that the Steelers will be fined for, but rather it will be for having 7 Steelers Players dancing without Masks on. Hate to be the person to do this, but this is openly breaking the Covid-19 NFL Protocols. The Steelers players weren't purposely doing it they were just happy they won the AFC North Crown. So they probably weren't thinking about it at the time of posting the video. Why do we think the Steelers could be fined heavily? Well, The Saints were recently fined for a similar situation by the NFL for $500,000 and they even lost a Seventh-Round Draft Pick.

Ultimately the Steelers were just showing support to their teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster who was badgered all week by the Sports Media for dancing on his opponents' logo. Hopefully, the NFL will show some common sense and not be as harsh as they were against the Saints, but then again it is the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be interesting to see what the NFL decides to do in the near future, but we enjoyed the celebration after the game. It just could bite the Steelers Organization in the end.