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The Steelers-Browns could end up in a Week 17 Playoff Game for the AFC North Crown

Still sitting here in my Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt from last night's game scratching my head wondering how the Pittsburgh Steelers could have put themselves in the spot they're currently in. Just three weeks ago they were undefeated looking to win the AFC North and gain a playoff spot. Fast forward to today one day after losing to the 2-10-1 Bengals who are an awful football team playing with a third-string quarterback. I am completely embarrassed to watch the Steeler's current state of football. This is not Pittsburgh Football. It has been an absolute train wreck watching them play over the past three weeks.

The problem is the Browns are knocking on the door right now sitting at 10-4 while the Steelers are sitting at 11-3. The Browns are one game behind the Steelers. If the Steelers lose to the Colts on Sunday and the Browns end up beating the Jets (Highly Likely) then the Steelers and Browns will be tied 11-4 heading into their Week 17 matchup. Essentially the Steelers will have to travel on the road to Cleveland and compete in an early AFC North Playoff game for the AFC North Crown. I am shaking my head while writing this as we speak because this is a complete collapse on all levels of pro sports.

The idea is to peak during this time of the season heading into the playoffs, but the Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to jump off a mountain instead of heading toward their impending doom. Sounds morbid, but it is the truth. The Steelers are also extremely beat up right now dealing with a ton of injuries. The last thing they need to do is end up having to play an early playoff game against the Browns in Week 17. Just imagine how they would look after playing that game? It would not be a pretty picture.

There is also a 20% chance they could end up playing either the Browns or Ravens in the first round of the playoffs. That is a nightmare scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers having to play two AFC North Football games two weeks in a row. The best thing the Steelers can do right now is beat the Colts on Sunday. That should be their biggest focus. They should avoid a Week 17 playoff game against the Browns at all costs. Best Scenario right now for the Steelers: Beat the Colts and sit your starters during Week 17. Go into the playoffs with some much-needed rest otherwise, they could see themselves being a first-round exit.

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