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The Steelers are taking precautions to avoid the Titans Covid-19 disaster

The Steelers are learning how badly the Titans have messed up in regards to the Covid-19 situation. In fact, the Titans are currently being investigated by the NFL on how they handled the Covid-19 protocol. Adam Schefter said the NFL is investigating the Titans on what they're doing in Tennessee and they're going to pay a price for it.

This is not the type of attention the Steelers want at all in Pittsburgh. They're focused on bringing a Championship to the City rather than get investigated by the NFL. This was a huge wake-up call across the NFL. The NFL and NFLPA have come to terms with changing the Covid-19 protocols and they will go into effect on Friday throughout the NFL.

Bud Dupree said on his Zoom interview yesterday with the Media he only goes to the grocery store if needed, goes to practice, and will stay home because he does not want to let his team down.

“With this situation, the way the world is now, me personally, I only go from practice to home and the grocery store if need be, Other than that, it’s kind of like just stay home. Don’t try to do extra like we normally do during the season. Just think about the team first.”

As for Steven Nelson, he says he is a family man even when Covid-19 wasn't around. So he isolates himself anyways by spending private time with his family. Nelson says the Steelers have to stay local because they have to show up for their Covid-19 tests.

“I am a family guy, so I just go and be with my family, I think that is the easiest way to stay away from everybody and isolate yourself. There is nothing you can really do Before guys might have gone home to their offseason homes. There is no need to travel or anything. You just show up, take your COVID test, and go back home.”

Steven Nelson says the Steelers embrace the COVID atmosphere and knew this was coming prior to the start of the season. They prepared for it.

“We embrace it, We knew coming into the season there were going to be a lot of ups and downs and unexpected things. We embrace those things, and we take them on as we come and prepare as such.”

The Steelers sound like they're doing what they are supposed to be doing. By isolating themselves, wearing masks, and staying inside. This is the sure way they know they can avoid Covid-19 at all costs and prevent another disaster like the Titans.

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