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The Steelers are set to wear their Color Rush Uniforms in 2021

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One of the most popular uniforms in the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers Color Rush jerseys. They're probably the most popular uniform amongst Yinz of all time. I have not heard one person ever say anything bad about the jerseys unlike the bumblebee uniforms which I personally like, but there is no in between because you either love them or hate them. Art Rooney II says the Steelers will continue to wear their Color Rush uniforms in 2021 which makes sense because that is their top-selling jersey.

Art Rooney II: “We’ll certainly have a Color Rush game,” Rooney told Steelers team reporter Missi Matthews. “We’ll identify that one soon, once we digest the whole schedule.”

The Steelers play very well in their color rush uniforms as they're 6-1 when playing in them. They have beat the Ravens twice (2016 and 2020), Titans in 2017, Dolphins in 2019, Patriots in 2018, Panthers in 2018, and their one loss came against the Bills in 2019. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers decide to wear them during a Primetime game because typically the organization loves to show off those jerseys while playing football at night. It is unclear when the Steelers will decide to wear them, but Art Rooney II says they're starting to figure that out now while looking at the schedule.

I would imagine the Steelers could wear their color rush uniforms against either the Bears, Seahawks, or Browns as all 3 games are primetime on Sunday Night or Monday Night. Another interesting note is the Steelers have only worn their color rush uniforms at Heinz Field so one of those 3 games makes the most sense to wear them in. Normally the Steelers will announce the date they will wear them during the season so stay tuned.


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