The Steelers are ready to fill in for Devin Bush

The unfortunate news we heard after the Browns game last Sunday was that Devin Bush will need season-ending knee surgery. Granted the Steelers are in a much better position to fill in for Devin Bush than they were when Ryan Shazier went down. This Tuesday Tomlin calmed much speculation in regards to the Steelers trading for a linebacker. Instead, he said the Steelers would rely on Robert Spillane, Ulysees Gilbert, and Marcus Allen to fill in.

"Right now we have who we want in there and we feel pretty good about what we have in here," Keith Butler said. "We don't want to make a bunch of changes unless we have to. We want the guys to play the position they normally play and Edmunds has done a good job playing the safety position so there's nothing that we want to do to move him."

The Steelers have until November 3rd (trade deadline) to figure out if they want to add an extra linebacker to their roster. Right now as we stand the Steelers seem very happy with who they have on their roster, but the question is who will get the green dot on Sunday against the Titans? Tomlin did not commit to Robert Spillane getting the green dot like he did against the Browns. He doesn't believe Spillane will play every snap against the Titans. Instead, the Steelers will take a group effort in regards to communication on the defensive side of the ball. Minkah Fitzpatrick's name also came up for directing the defense against the Titans as well.

"Minkah has done a good job of it, has done a good job during training camp, or what little training camp we had," Butler said. "He knows the defense well, so I don't think we'll have a problem in terms of getting everybody set in the right direction."

The Steelers also feel Vince Williams has seen enough on the defense to help the player that is put next to him. Vince is a veteran on the Steelers defense and Butler says he has always helped whoever was out there next to him. Bush always made the calls on the field because he never got off the field, but Vince was there next to him making sure the defense lines up correctly and the calls were right. He will do the same with the next man who steps up. Only time will tell if the Steelers decide to go outside and find a linebacker, but we won't know until we have a bigger sample size against the Titans. Stay tuned.

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