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The Pittsburgh Steelers Officially Sign Tyson Alualu to a Two-Year Deal

(Photography from Tyson Alualu's Instagram)

The Tyson Alualu Story was a wild one. He originally agreed to a two-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars worth $6 million dollars. Then had a change in heart because he could not travel to Jacksonville due to Covid-19. He ended up telling the Jaguars he was not going to sign their deal and instead he ended up signing a two-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers officially have signed Alualu to a two-year deal today. The deal is worth less than the Jaguars deal, but Alualu gets to keep his family in Pittsburgh. His children are still in Pittsburgh's public school system and the Alualu family has built their dream home in Pittsburgh as well. They plan on moving into their new home in Pittsburgh very soon.

Tyson Alualu recently was diagnosed with Covid-19 and he was not able to travel into Jacksonville until he received a negative Covid-19 test. So that gave the Steelers some time to work on Alualu while he was in quarantine. Cam Heyward and Karl Dunbar (Steelers defensive line coach) played a major role in persuading Alualu to stay in Pittsburgh. Even though Alualu is turning 34 in May he is still coming off a very strong 2020 season with the Steelers defensive line. Cam Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, and Tyson Alualu mess very well together. That is why the Steelers have decided to lock Alualu up for another two seasons.

The Steelers had no idea Alualu had a change in heart at first. They thought he was going to leave in free agency to the Jaguars. So the Steelers were actually looking for a veteran free agent to take Alualu's place if he truly did end up walking in free agency. The biggest hold-up with the Steelers not signing another veteran defensive end was that Alualu did not sign his contract with the Jaguars yet. That is when the Steelers organization still knew they had a shot at keeping Alualu still. In the end, everything worked out and the Steelers still got to keep Alualu. He signed his two-year deal with the Steelers today and that is all she wrote. It is a done deal.

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