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The Pittsburgh Steelers now have $14 Million in Cap Space

The Steelers cap situation looks to be looking up from this point forward. With the release of Steven Nelson and the new restructure of Eric Ebron they now have $14 million in cap space available. The issue going forward is they need most of that money to sign their rookies to contracts after the 2021 NFL draft. They can restructure more contracts to clear more cap space, but the chances of the Steelers signing a big-time free agent will be slim to none.

There still are a lot of free agents available on the market and players could take a one-year deal that is less than they were willing to take due to the market tanking in 2021. Covid-19 has crushed most of the NFL team's cap room this season because the cap went down by about $18 million dollars. Going into 2022 the cap should go up drastically due to the NFL's big tv deals in 2021. The good news is the Steelers will have the most cap going into the 2022 season as well. So be patient Yinz the Steelers will be in a good place next season in 2022.

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