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The Pittsburgh Steelers need help at the Tight-End Position

The Steelers have begun filling in their positions of need prior to the 2021 NFL draft. They have signed BJ Finney, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Tyson Alualu, Joe Haeg, and other players who will compete for a spot on the 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers. It seems they have taken care of quite a few positions of need, but one they have not addressed yet is the tight-end position. That could be intentional prior to heading into the NFL draft.

Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin could be looking to add a younger tight-end in the 2021 NFL draft because many of their free-agent tight-ends have not worked out. Also, the Steelers have not had a great tight-end since Heath Miller left town. Yes, Eric Ebron played well in his first season with the Steelers, but he did struggle with blocking. Also, Ebron has only been here one season so we have only seen a small sample size so far.

One would have thought Jesse James could have been a good fit to bring back to Pittsburgh, but no moves have been made so far. There are some really good tight ends going into the 2021 NFL draft who could fall to the Steelers either early or late. If they want a good tight end early then Pat Freiermuth from Penn State would be their guy. If they want a good tight end later on in the NFL draft then they can look at Tommy Tremble from Notre Dame. There is no way Florida's Kyle Pitts should fall to the Steelers so that should not be an option.

Regardless of what the Pittsburgh Steelers decide to do before, during, or after the NFL draft, they will need a tight end. If a good tight end doesn't fall to them during the NFL draft many Steeler fans should not be worried because it seems they can always fall back on free agency. Especially Jesse James sitting on the open market. At this point, it seems the Steelers could wait until after the Draft to see if they decide to draft their new tight end through the 2021 NFL draft. If the Steelers do not end up drafting a tight end this season then expect them to reach back into free agency.


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