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The Pittsburgh Steelers have told Bud Dupree he will not be franchise tagged again in 2021

It looks like Bud Dupree will become an unrestricted free agent on March 17th barring any last-minute deals with the Pittsburgh Steelers which seems unlikely to happen. Dupree will get a lot of attention on the open market and the Steelers know he will. They have been in constant communication with him throughout the offseason and feel he has made tremendous strides in his rehabilitation. The Steelers would like to have Bud Dupree back, but they know it doesn't seem too probable.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have informed Bud Dupree he will not be franchise tagged again before the 2021 free agency period opens. That means in 8 days Bud Dupree will be an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with any team that offers the best deal to him.

Look for many teams to try and overpay for Dupree's services during free agency. I believe the Steelers are hoping he doesn't get what he thinks his value will be on the open market. The Colts, Falcons, Titans, Chargers, and even the dreadful Browns could be in play for Dupree.

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