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The Pittsburgh Steelers have the most dropped passes in the NFL

The problems on offense in Pittsburgh continued Monday Night against the Washington Football Team. Not only was the play calling atrocious, but the Steeler's wide receivers couldn't hang onto the ball. The Steelers had 7 drops tonight against the Washington Football Team. That is the most drops in 15 seasons by an NFL team and the most by any team this season so far. Coming into Monday's game the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles have dropped more passes than the Pittsburgh Steelers. That changed tonight. The Steelers now lead the NFL with the most dropped passes this season with 34. Not a good stat the Steelers want especially with their talented wide receivers and tight ends they have. Although the Steelers are young, they have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL throwing to them. It seems to be all mental at this point with the Steelers receiving corps rather than fundamentals.

For some reason they have it in their head they can't hold onto the ball for whatever reason. It is time to pull the Jugs machine out and get back to basics in Pittsburgh this week during practice because the dropped passes are killing the Steelers on 3rd downs especially when they can't establish the run. If you're going to have Ben Roethlisberger throw for more than 50 times a game, you better have the confidence in the wide receivers to catch the ball as well. Hopefully, the Steelers can make the necessary adjustments this week to start fixing the issue with their hands, but it will be another short week as they go up against a good Bills team Sunday Night during Primetime. If they can't hold onto the ball against the Bills, they can look forward to being 11-2.

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