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The Pittsburgh Steelers are Showing Strong Interest in TCU DB Trevon Moehrig

The Steelers are showing interest in many defensive backs before going into the 2021 NFL draft. One of them is Free Safety Trevon Moehrig from TCU. They have already met with him once and have scheduled more meetings with him in the future. The interesting thing with Moehrig is he can play in the slot CB position too. In fact, he has played more snaps as a Slot CB than at Free Safety during his time with TCU.

Moehrig on meeting with the Steelers: “Yes, I have talked to the Steelers,” Moehrig said. “Like I said before, I have a couple more meetings scheduled with them too, so I’m looking forward to it.”

If the Steelers are meeting with him several times they're showing strong interest in him. It would be interesting if they do decide to draft him if they would place him as the slot CB? He says he feels very comfortable playing in the slot cornerback position and being at TCU he learned to play many different positions. Moehrig feels really confident and comfortable with his technique as well.

It really is interesting why the Steelers are showing so much interest in Trevon. They already have two good safeties, but Minkah Fitzpatrick can actually play in the slot CB position just like Trevon. So it would seem they're gauging interest in Trevon because of his ability to play in multiple positions while possibly moving around Minkah Fitzpatrick.

"Moehrig’s weight may slightly limit his upside as a run defender, as he may have more trouble holding up against NFL-sized blockers. But Moehrig already has a serviceable floor there regardless. Furthermore, his immense potential in coverage will be of great value, especially in an NFL emblazoned by the pass.

Moehrig can play in two-high looks or at single-high safety. He can play the ball deep or clamp down on routes in the box. And he has the ball skills to make pivotal plays at any point on the field. Moehrig has the upside of a true game-changing free safety. Thus, teams that need a rangy, impactful defender on the back end have the most to gain from adding the TCU safety.

Many teams can stand to upgrade at that position, but teams with a clear or impending void at free safety make the most sense. Looking at teams in Moehrig’s draft range — late-first to mid-second — the Washington Football Team, Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers stand out. Additionally, A.J. Schulte mocked Moehrig to the Jacksonville Jaguars at 34th overall in his recent three-round mock draft.

Wherever he goes, Moehrig will be under pressure to produce for his defense. That’s the standard he’s built for himself at TCU. But talk to anyone who knows Moehrig, and they won’t be worried about his chances. Moehrig relishes the opportunity to face a challenge. He’s no stranger to working for success."

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