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The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly out of the JJ Watt Sweepstakes

The dream of JJ Watt joining the Pittsburgh Steelers looks to be dead. That is according to John Clayton of ESPN who joined 93.7 the fan yesterday in Pittsburgh. Clayton says there are three leading teams in the running for JJ Watt. Those teams are the Tenessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, and the Green Bay Packers. Maybe TJ Watt can do extra chores for JJ Watt to convince him to come to Pittsburgh, but as it stands right now it looks to not be happening.

It is fine if JJ Watt goes elsewhere just for god's sake don't end up with the Cleveland Browns that would be a betrayal on so many levels to the Pittsburgh Steelers and his family. Stephen A. Smith actually had a good take on this the other day on First Take. Out of all of three teams that look to land JJ Watt it would be best for JJ Watt to land with the Buffalo Bills if he wants to try and win a Super Bowl ring.

Again, it is fine if the Steelers can't land JJ Watt. They already have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL with Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt. It would be special to add JJ Watt into the rotation in Pittsburgh, but the days of Watt getting 20+ sacks in the National Football League are over with. It would also be special to see all three brothers play on the same team. That has never happened in the NFL ever. Don't be discouraged if JJ Watt lands with another team, because at the end of the day the Steelers are perfectly fine on the defensive line in Pittsburgh. Quarterback, Running back, and Offensive line are the most important needs in Pittsburgh right now.

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