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The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting Robert Spillane back at the right time

Everyone remembers the nightmare Week 13 presented against the Washington Football team. Not only was that one of the Steeler's worst games in the 2020 season they also lost one of their key linebackers as well. Robert Spillane went down in Week 13 against the Washington Football team with a knee injury. He was placed on IR and it left a big hole in the middle of the field. Not only did it hurt the Steeler's defense in the passing game it hurt them even more in their run defense as well. Through the month of December, the Steelers defense has allowed 575 rushing yards on the ground. That's just in the month of December.

Vince Williams was also placed on the Covid-19 list during that time period for 2 weeks as well. So the Steelers middle of the field became wide open. It showed how valuable Robert Spillane is to this defense. In Week 7 with Robert Spillane in the lineup, the Steelers defense allowed only 20 rushes, 75 yards, and a touchdown to Derrick Henry. Many should also remember the huge hit Spillane had on Derrick Henry that stopped him dead in his tracks on the one-yard line. That was a special play by Robert Spillane. Butler recently brought that up during his zoom interview. He also said he hopes by inserting Spillane back into the lineup it will help with their run defense.

Butler on inserting Robert Spillane back in the lineup: “I hope that’s it,” Keith Butler said. “You watch Spillane play. You watch Derrick Henry run all year long, and who do you see jacking him up? Spillane did that, and I didn’t see a whole of people doing that to that guy this year. We’re glad to have him back. It’s always tough to come back when you haven’t been doing it for a while, but he’s a smart guy. He understands the concepts of what we’re doing. He’s a good football player. He probably didn’t get nearly the amount of notoriety when he was coming out of college. All I know is he’s here, and he’s playing we’ll for us.”

The Browns are known as one of the better rushing football teams in the NFL. The Steelers allowed 192 total rushing yards this past Sunday. Containing the run will be key against the Browns this Wild Card Weekend. This is a perfect time to get Robert Spillane back.

Without Vince Williams and Robert Spillane in the lineup, the Steelers defense gave up 33 more yards on the ground each game in the month of December. Insert Spillane back into the lineup and you finally can contain the run. That is what Keith Butler is hoping will happen this week. Spillane is a hard-nosed football player. Every time he hits his opponents they don't move. The play normally ends when Spillane gets ahold of you. That is exactly what the Steelers are looking for heading into the Wild Card Weekend. The Steelers will finally get much-needed help in regards to their rush defense with Robert Spillane back in the lineup on Sunday against the Browns.

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