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The Jets had Conversations with Conner prior to signing Coleman but Conner remains on the market

James Conner has had a very quiet offseason so far. The Jets and Eagles have shown interest in Conner throughout the offseason, but talks have not flourished. So James Conner remains on the market. The Steelers could bring him back, but it looks like they do not want to at this point in time. Both sides seem to want a fresh start, but Conner might have no choice but to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the near future. That is of course if the Steelers would like to bring him back.

NFL reporter Manish Mehta said the Jets had discussions with James Conner prior to signing a one-year deal with Tevin Coleman. The Jets also pursued Chris Carson during the first wave of free agency as well. The problem with the offseason so far has been a diminished market due to Covid-19. Many teams were crushed with the cap lowering about $18 million dollars this offseason. So it might be best for James Conner to sign a one-year deal with a team and go into the 2022 offseason to look for more money. For now, James Conner remains on the market and it doesn't look good for Conner so far.

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