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The 'Footwork King' will train Chase Claypool this offseason, along with Eric Ebron again

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Rischad Whitfield, aka "The Footwork King" trains some of the top NFL players in the league at his training facility in Houston. Whitfield trained Le'Veon Bell in the past and has worked with Joe Haden the last few years. Last year, he trained Eric Ebron for the first time.

Whitfield posted on Twitter Saturday night that he'll be training Ebron again this offseason.

In an interview with Complex earlier this month, Chase Claypool was asked about his offseason plans and he stated that he's currently in British Columbia and will be there for three more weeks until he leaves for California to start training. Claypool also said that he'll be traveling to Houston to train and meet up with Ebron, along with going to Florida to train and meet up with Miles Boykin of the Ravens and then see Diontae Johnson.

Since Claypool said he'll be traveling to Houston to meet up with Ebron to train, we reached out to Whitfield to see if Claypool will be training at his facility as well. Whitfield responded and said Claypool will be training with him when he's down in Houston, and he'll work with him on including the attention to detail that is required for him to become an elite wide receiver. Whitfield also said that Ebron set it up for Claypool to come down to Houston and train with him.

"I’ll for sure be working with Chase on his footwork-mechanics for release quickness," Whitfield said. "Release quickness is vital as all must know that if a wide receiver can't get off the line in a hurry, then he's probably going to be covered easily by a cornerback. "Also, I’ll be working on his separation quickness at the apex (breakpoints) of his routes. Just being able to separate quickly from defensive backs coming out of his cuts and breaks will be a huge improvement for Chase entering this next season."

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