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The Colts were calling out the Steelers Offensive Plays during the Pre-Snap according to JuJu

For weeks Steelers fans have been complaining about Randy Fichtner. Even us Yinz watching the game every week can figure out what the heck that guy has planned each and every play. It has become frustrating each week with the Steelers. At this point, Randy Fichtner should be fired, but he won't. His contract is set to expire at the end of the season so they will just let him ride off into the sunset even though he has done an awful job with the offense this season. It has been so bad that NFL's Mike Silver and Warren Sharp brought it up yesterday on TV.

JuJu told Mike Silver the Colts Defense was really good and Ben was great, but he said the Colts were calling out their plays during the pre-snap. He said they knew when the Steelers were running. JuJu said Ben's mind is so creative that they were running plays they never practiced. Although, Eric Ebron said all the plays they ran were practiced, but just not in the order Fichtner had them in. Wow, that is a lot to unpack. It also proves what Yinz have been saying on Twitter for the past week is true. Randy Fichtner is in over his head. He is a quarterback coach, not an offensive coordinator. Not sure what Mike Tomlin was thinking when they promoted him, but it was an awful idea.

To put how bad Fichtner was during the Colts game Ben Roethlisberger threw for 11-20 with just 98 passing yards in the first half. In the second half, Ben threw for 23-29 with over 250 passing yards and three touchdowns. In the second half, Ben decided to go rogue, but never admitted it during his post-game press conference. He didn't want to throw Randy under the bus and we have a feeling Tomlin will be silent on this as well or say there is nothing to talk about in regards to Randy. What we do know is Randy needs to pack his bags and be on his way out of Pittsburgh regardless of the outcome in the playoffs with the Steelers.

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