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The Chase Claypool offseason travel tour continues into Pittsburgh

Chase Claypool's offseason tour on the road continued this week. Claypool was seen taking pictures with fans at Pittsburgh's International Airport this morning. The Steelers Rookie of the Year in 2020 has been traveling quite a bit during the offseason. This seems to be the trend for Claypool during his offseason. He was seen training with Mason Rudolph and Michael Pittman Jr over the offseason and seems to be training with several players lately.

When the Steelers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs Claypool packed his stuff up and headed home to visit with his family in British Columbia. There he trained for several weeks and headed down to California to train. After he headed to California Claypool headed down to Dallas, Texas. Now it looks like he has headed back to the team that has drafted him.

This morning Claypool posted on Instagram he was back in Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers will take on Claypool's bar incident over the offseason, but I bet they will handle it in-house this time because it would be his first offense. Tomlin will probably just talk to him and that will be the end of the conversation. That is fair enough. Then the NFL may rule what they decide to do with him before the season begins. Let's just hope it is just a slap on the wrist instead of a suspension. The Claypool tour continues on the road during the 2021 offseason. He did say he would end up in Florida at some point to train with Diontae Johnson so that could possibly be his next stop, but for now, he is back in Pittsburgh.

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