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The Best Move the Steelers can make in the 2021 Offseason is to add a Dynamic Running Back

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be heading into the offseason looking to fill many holes on their team. Free Agency is going to be a bumpy ride because the Steelers have more than 15 free agents. It looks like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Bud Dupree, and James Conner could walk, but the Steelers can fill in Bud Dupree's position with Alex Highsmith and JuJu Smith-Schuster will be filled with James Washington or the Steelers could look at free agency and the draft to fill his position. There are many options in regards to the wide receiver and edge position, but there are not really good options at the running back position.

The Steelers were eliminated by the Cleveland Browns in the 2020 Wild Card round. They ended their 2020 season with the worst running game in the NFL. Even Jerome Bettis was sick when he saw the Steelers couldn't run the ball in for a touchdown on the one-yard line five times on Monday night against the Washington Football team.

Jerome Bettis when the Steelers could not run the ball in for a touchdown against the Washington Football team: “I was sick. Unbelievable, You have to work on your deficiency before you get to the playoffs. Their No. 1 priority should be re-establishing the running game because when you get to the playoffs if you have a weakness, you will be exposed.”

Bettis was right and the Steelers were exposed. The Steelers should listen to Jerome Bettis and add a dynamic running back during the NFL draft this season. Most teams would not put a running back high on their priority list, but the Steelers should. James Conner cannot stay healthy on the football field and although he had 35 catches, six touchdowns, and 721 rushing yards it is time to let him go. The Steelers need to add either Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, or Javonte Williams in the NFL draft. There is no way around it anymore.

If Art Rooney II is committed to bringing the running game back he will instruct Colbert and Tomlin to find the best running back in the offseason. Not only do the Steelers need a dynamic back, but they need to fix their offensive line and it looks like they're doing that this offseason so far through free agency.

Najee Harris would be the best fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Dolphins and Jets could spoil Harris coming to Pittsburgh. Let's hope I am wrong, but there is a big possibility they could take a running back before the Steelers. If they do end up taking any running back before the Steelers then the Steelers should take a running back in the first round because it is a long way from pick 24 to pick 55 and all the Steelers could be left with in the second round is Michael Carter from UNC.

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