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The Baltimore Ravens can have URFA Alejandro Villanueva

Let me start out by saying I appreciate everything Alejandro Villanueva has done for this Country and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is time for Alejandro Villanueva to leave Pittsburgh though. Through the years Villanueva has been pretty solid, but over the past couple of seasons, he has fallen off a cliff especially towards the end of the 2020 season. There were times Villanueva was getting manhandled on the offensive line toward the end of the 2020 season. There is no denying Villanueva has taken a step back during the 2020 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

To be fair it wasn't just Alejandro Villanueva who was awful in 2020. The whole Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line was terrible. They finished 31st in run blocking as the Steelers running backs only averaged 3.6 yards per carry in Pittsburgh. The only player that finished with a run-blocking grade north of 60.0 was Villanueva who finished with a 60.9 grade according to Pro Football Focus. No team averaged fewer yards per run than the Pittsburgh Steelers did in 2020.

The Steelers offensive line needs to start bringing in youth on the offensive line and players like Alejandro Villanueva need to go elsewhere. Youth will help bring physicality back to the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line. Adrian Klemm recently said he would like to bring physical football back to the offensive line in Pittsburgh, but it is hard to do when you're constantly bringing back older players whose time is coming to an end in regards to football.

With that said the Baltimore Ravens can go ahead and have Free Agent Alejandro Villanueva. He was once a great player in Pittsburgh, but his play has declined and he is starting to look slow. Villanueva is going to fall off a cliff even more in the near future and I would rather see it while he is playing with the Baltimore Ravens than the Pittsburgh Steelers. If the Ravens think there won't be much drop-off from Pro Bowl Orlando Brown to Alejandro Villanueva then they're miscalculating their move and I'm all for it. Good luck in Baltimore Alejandro Villanueva and thank you for what you have done in Pittsburgh.


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