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The Associated Press needs to Stop Disrespecting TJ Watt in regards to Defensive Player of the Year

TJ Watt has now been snubbed twice in two seasons with the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Fifty-Voters from the Associated Press vote on the Annual NFL Award at the end of each season and for some reason they do not like TJ Watt. I believe it will take TJ Watt 20+ sacks to be considered for the Defensive Player of the Year. I don't know if the AP is judging him off his brother JJ Watt, but they got it wrong in 2020. For the people saying Aaron Donald is constantly double-teamed maybe you should watch TJ Watt from time to time getting double-teamed constantly off the edge.

Watt had better statistics in 2020 than Aaron Donald. Watt only played 15 games in 2020 compared to Donald's 16. Even JJ Watt came to his brother's rescue saying Aaron Donald is an absolutely incredible player who he loves watching, but his comment has nothing to do with Aaron Donald. JJ said what TJ Watt wouldn't. He said, "TJ Watt played 1 less game and STILL led the NFL in every major category." Technically Donald beat TJ Watt in only 1 category which was assists. Other than that TJ Watt had the better season statistically.

TJ Watt's statistics compared to Aaron Donald's in 2020:

TJ Watt: 53 combined tackles, 43 solo tackles, 10 assists, 23 tackles for loss, and 15 sacks.

Aaron Donald: 45 combined tackles, 27 solo tackles, 18 assists, 14 tackles for loss, and 13.5 sacks.

Yes, TJ Watt and the Steeler fans took it personally when TJ Watt was snubbed for the second season in a row. Not only was TJ Watt named PFF's highest-graded edge in the NFL for most of the season, but he also had the most forced fumbles since 2018. Watt is also the only edge rusher in the NFL to finish top-5 in total pressures in each of the last seasons. Not to mention he won the Steelers MVP twice in a row.

It seems like everyone is giving TJ Watt the respect he deserves except the fifty AP media members who vote for the NFL Awards. It's time to take a look at the overall picture with TJ Watt instead of comparing him with JJ Watt. Yes, JJ Watt has had two 20+ sack seasons, but TJ Watt has produced statistically across the board. Just like JJ Watt says TJ Watt deserves it in 2020 and now the AP could have created an even bigger monster going into the 2021 season. That would be great news for the Pittsburgh Steelers who could make him the highest-paid linebacker in Steelers History very soon. No matter what anyone says TJ Watt definitely deserved the 2020 Defensive Player of the Year and I generally like to look outside of Steelers Rose-Colored Glasses.

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