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The 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers are named as a 'Top Sleeper Team'

The 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers have been mostly criticized during the offseason. Not much of the National Media has a lot of faith in the Steelers just like they didn't in the 2020 offseason so this is nothing new here. I believe much of the National Media are overlooking the Pittsburgh Steelers going into the 2021 season and I hope they continue to do it. The reason is that the Steelers seem to play better as a team if they're always considered the underdogs on the football field. So please continue to count the Steelers out...

Bleacher Report recently ranked their Top 5 Sleeper Teams and the Pittsburgh Steelers were ranked as the top sleeper team going into the 2021 season. Despite finishing the 2020 season off horribly Bleacher Report says we shouldn't write this team off as a sub .500 team in 2021. Matt Canada will be the Steeler's new offensive coordinator and Randy Fichtner will not be in Pittsburgh any longer. So that should give the Steelers a fresh look on the offense instead of being conservative and predictable like they were in 2020.

Najee Harris will walk into Pittsburgh and fill in a major need in regards to their running game. That will also help the Steelers become unpredictable in 2021. Bleacher Report feels the Steelers still have a top 10 defense even though they lost a few key players during the 2021 offseason. Devin Bush is also scheduled to come back to the defensive side of the ball so that should help fill a big hole in the middle of the field as well.

Bleacher Report says the Steelers have enough talent to top 8 wins in the 2021 season if their key top players can stay healthy. Although the Steelers have the toughest schedule heading into the 2021 season Bleacher Report still thinks Mike Tomlin will not have his first losing season with the Steelers in 2021. Expect to see a rejuvenated offense in Pittsburgh with Matt Canada calling the plays and the addition of Najee Harris.


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