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Terry Bradshaw says he saw a fan have a heart attack in front of him before Super Bowl IX

(Photo by Sylvia Allen/Getty Images)

Former Steelers Hall of Fame quarterback and four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw was asked by Colin Cowherd on FS1 recently what he remembered from going out on the field in his first Super Bowl. And Bradshaw's response was something completely unexpected.

"It was Tulane Stadium, we were lined up going through the crowd, there was a roped off area, the defense was being introduced and the Vikings fans were there giving us the business and some Steelers fans," Bradshaw said. "And this one big, giant Viking fan, because it was really cold, it was hot as all get out the day before, rained that night and got really cold. And this Viking fan on the right, big, fat guy collapses and falls right in my way, right in front of me to go out on the field. And I looked down at him, and he just had a heart attack. And I'm like 'Oh my god, this guy's had a heart attack.' And I was just shocked. And we moved the rope around the body, while the paramedics came to him. I don't know if he lived, I don't know if he died, but nice way to start a Super Bowl."

Cowherd responded in shock by Bradshaw's response and said it's a lot more organized now with security, especially when it comes to a Super Bowl. Bradshaw then mentioned how much media attention the Super Bowl now gets compared to his first Super Bowl.

"Hey listen after the game, Colin, we had one reporter, we did one interview, that was it," Bradshaw said. "Very little media coverage at all that I recall. Not certainly anything like it is now, but yeah there wasn't much media coverage at all."

Bradshaw said the media coverage did, however, expand by the time he played in his last Super Bowl in January of 1980 against the Rams compared to his first against the Vikings in January of 1975.

"The media did increase by the time that we got to our last Super Bowl which was 14, Bradshaw said. "More media coverage, I been the MVP in the league, so I had that burden on my shoulders. I had the can't spell cat issue with Thomas Henerson in Super Bowl 13. Fourteen we play the Rams, they got all our coaches on the Rams, they know all our plays, all our adjustments. As the game moved on it became more of a psychological game, (an) emotional game to bury all that stuff so you can concentrate and play. But the first time, you just had no idea. I don't know what it would be like, Colin, right now for a young person to go out there and there's 2,500 reporters or 5,000 or whatever it is. That's pretty overwhelming."

You can watch Bradshaw's entire interview with Cowherd in the link below.

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