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Terry Bradshaw says he regrets missing Art Rooney's funeral, but not Chuck Noll's

(Photo by Bettmann/Getty Images)

Former Steelers quarterback and four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw was on 93.7 The Fan today and talked about the funerals he has missed when it comes to high-profile figures in the Steelers organization. Bradshaw has been on record saying that he flat-out doesn't like attending funerals unless it's a family member. However, he does regret missing "The Chief" Art Rooney's funeral in 1988.

“The Mr. Rooney funeral was something, I really screwed that up,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw said he doesn't regret missing Dan Rooney's funeral because he wasn't as close with him as "The Chief" and he never had a solid relationship with Chuck Noll.

“Dan Rooney, I didn’t know Dan Rooney that well,” Bradshaw said.

“I just don’t see going to show respect to somebody when you don’t have a relationship with them and someone you haven’t seen in such a long time; it makes no sense to me.”

As far as not attending Noll's funeral.

“I wasn’t ever going to Chuck Noll’s funeral,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw would later reiterate that missing Art Rooney's funeral is where he messed up badly being that they had such a close relationship with him.

“IF Mr. Rooney could say he loved a player, he’d say he loved me,” Bradshaw said. “We were really buddies. I had a key to his office, I had a key to his cigar room, I used to go over his house and we’d watch Monday Night Football together ... he used to always give me encouragement and just a good man. That one I regret, but that’s the only one.”

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