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Terry Bradshaw says 'Aaron Rodgers is weak' for being that upset at the Packers

Terry Bradshaw is not one to stay quiet when something is bothering him. He has always told it how it is even when he played with the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the biggest stories in the NFL has been around Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers lately. Some reports are saying Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. Things are just not looking good between Rodgers and the Packers GM.

Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw recently appeared on the "Moose & Maggie" show on WFAN. Maggie Gray asked Bradshaw how he feels about the Rodgers situation with the Packers... Bradshaw did not hold back his opinion over the situation and even called Rodgers 'weak' at one point.

Terry Bradshaw on Aaron Rodgers: “Him being that upset shows me just how weak he is,” Bradshaw said in response to a question from Maggie Gray about whether Rodgers has the right to be upset. “Who the hell cares who you draft? He’s a three-time MVP of the league and he’s worried about this guy they drafted last year?”

Bradshaw doesn't understand why Rodgers is so upset. He said Pittsburgh drafted Mark Malone No. 1, Cliff Stoudt in the third or fourth round, and Bradshaw says he had quarterbacks coming at him from every angle. The one thing Bradshaw did when he saw those quarterbacks coming at him is he embraced it and he wasn't worried about any of those guys. Bradshaw says none of those guys scared him one bit. So he doesn't know why he is so upset.

Sometimes Terry can come off wrong and that is just the way his personality works. He needs to understand the game has changed from when he played. Granted Rodgers is being really childish over the situation instead of just pulling up his big boy pants and showing he is the 3 time NFL MVP.

Rodgers is not so innocent in this situation because whenever the Packers are in the playoffs he always seems to choke. So instead of pointing the finger at others, he needs to figure out his issues going deep into the playoffs. I agree with Bradshaw to an extent, but I think Bradshaw could have worded it better during the interview to get his point across.


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