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Terry Bradshaw does a random act of kindness

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

In a video captured on Wednesday, Oct. 28 in Gainesville, Texas, Cindy Hurt Hammer took a video of former Steelers' quarterback and four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw helping a driver whose car wasn't starting in the rain.

The video that Hammer posted on her Facebook showed Bradshaw coming to the help of a driver dealing with a dead battery at a Gainesville parking lot outside of a Pack 'N' Mail. Bradshaw bought jumper cables and got the man's car running. He also gave the jumper cables to the man.

In the video, Bradshaw throws his hands in the air and yells "Touchdown!" when the car starts.

Hammer told NBC 5 Dallas-Forth Worth the man Bradshaw was helping had no idea who was helping him until he came in the store to use the computer and they told him.

"The world needs to see more people like this," Hammer said of Bradshaw. "He is a blessing to so many people and probably doesn’t even know it."

Bradshaw in an exclusive statement to E! explained, "I didn't think twice about helping him, and I was happy to do so. "We're all humans and it's nice to be able to help one another out, especially during a time when things are so divisive in our country. It's about kindness and simply lending a hand."

It's great to see Bradshaw do a random act of kindness and give a hand to someone in need. Especially during the current climate of the country where there are feelings of despair due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as Bradshaw mentioned, a lot of divisiveness for several reasons.

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