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Terrell Edmunds says he would love to come back and play for Steeler Nation on a New Contract

A decision has been made by the Pittsburgh Steelers to not sign Edmunds to his fifth-year option in 2022. I get the sense that the Steelers would like to re-sign Edmunds back, but feel his $6.7 million dollar option was not worth paying him in 2022. That will now open the door for the Steelers and Edmunds to sit down and possibly renegotiate a new deal going forward.

Not too long ago it was being reported constantly that the Steelers absolutely love Terrell Edmunds. That was a complete shock when they decided not to pick up his fifth-year option because of how vocal the organization was about him. The proof is in the pudding. Terrell Edmund's numbers on the football field do not show he is worth the $6.7 million dollar option and I feel the Steelers are making the right decision to still leave the door open by signing him to a smaller contract in the future.

Edmunds on coming back to the Steelers on a new contract: “Of course I’d love to come back to Steeler Nation,” Edmunds said according to Joe Rutter of the Trib. “They are the people that gave me the opportunity to come into the NFL and make all of my dreams come true. I’m definitely open to maybe next year we can make something happen.

Terrell Edmunds is going into the 2021 season 'betting on himself' while working very hard every single day. That is all Edmunds can do going forward is show that the adversity is going to make him a better player on the football field. In the real world that is what a company would do to someone who is not showing their full potential in the workforce by forcing their hand to show up or go home. It's the way business works and I believe the Steelers are going about it the same way the real world does.

Tomlin did personally call Edmunds and told him business is not over. He would like to see Edmunds still stay motivated on the football field going forward. That is why Edmunds is going to bet on himself in 2021 because he knows after the 2021 season every game is going to be like a job interview. So he knows he needs to put in the hard work and continue to bet on himself going forward.


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