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Terrell Edmunds is releasing a new Rap EP called My Element

It looks like Terrell Edmunds has been busy during the offseason recording his newest EP called 'My Element.' Edmunds did release his first album called F1rst Quarter and it looks like he is getting quite a few listeners on Spotify each month. He has 72,880 monthly listeners on Spotify listening to his music. That is not a bad following for just starting out.

Edmunds new Rap EP will consist of only 4 songs. They're called Speaking from the heart, So, Vibe (Ft. Chico & Tron), and Throw it (Ft. XB). It looks like it will come with the Parental Advisory sticker so it will not be suitable for children, but who really stops them from listening to it anyway? Some have said Terrell Edmunds is a better rapper than Le'Veon Bell. While others have said he should pursue a rap career instead of playing football (which is a brutal comment). Either way, he had a pretty good season in 2020 with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Expect Mike Tomlin to be vibing to Terrell Edmund's new album because he does support his players doing outside projects as long as they do not break the NFL rules. Even Tomlin's son loves to rap. The Steelers will be making a decision soon if they will be picking up Edmunds sixth-year option. It would be surprising if they didn't because many in the organization love Edmunds on the football field. So expect them to pick it up soon. In the meantime, you can find Edmunds in the Studio.

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