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Teammates express concern over Devin Bush's Tweets

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Devin Bush has Tweeted some questionable things over the last few days. It first started off being funny, he was Tweeting just things about stuff going on in his life. However, over the last few days, he seemed to be going off the deep end.

As you've seen in our previous posts, Devin tweeted a video of a cat falling multiple stories down in a building lobby and many Steeler fans were rightfully horrified by this video. As was I, it simply crossed the line. Simple as that. It's just not right.

It's a psychopath move to find something like that funny. I hope his Steelers teammates are checking in on him to make sure everything is okay. This is a complete 180 of the Devin Bush I thought I knew.

Zach Banner jokingly said that when Devin Bush landed back in the 412, he would confiscate his phone. At this point, someone seriously needs to do this. It's just not normal and it's giving me some AB vibes. I would honestly rather have Tik Tok dances than this type of behavior.

Hey Devin! Log out! Your career depends on it!

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