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Super Bowl LV showed how Great Football was in the '70's through '90s

It was very hard to enjoy the game of football last night. The NFL officials in the first half controlled just about every aspect of the game. Yes, the Chiefs did not show up, but some of those penalties were atrocious during the Super Bowl. Let's put Super Bowl XLIII up against Super Bowl LV and you can be the judge on the quality of football that was being played.

The '70's, '80s, and '90s were the best times for football. It is almost impossible to play in the secondary in today's football. You can't hit. You can't celebrate. You can't block on kickoffs. The NFL officials are way too involved in the game. It really takes away from the game of football.

In 2011 the NFL decided to move the kickoff from the 30 yard-line to the 35 yard-line. The touchback ratio skyrocket from 16.4% to 60.9%. The NFL has even considered eliminating the kick-offs altogether, but that has not come to fruition yet. In 2015 the NFL moved extra points back to the 15-yard line spurring two-point conversions more likely. Points after a touchdowns have fallen from 99.3% to 93.9%. It is less likely to gain points after a touchdown.

The rule changes in the NFL have created a Golden Era of quarterback statistics. Some of the changes have helped player safety, but others have helped pad stats for the quarterbacks. In the wise words of Jack Lambert in regards to the NFL quarterbacks, "It might be a good idea to put dresses on them." He is right. The NFL made some rule changes in regards to the quarterback to help create more offense going forward in the NFL. They feel Americans love high scoring games. It has sped up the game, but the disadvantage from the offensive side of the ball to the defensive side of the ball is completely lopsided.

Last night showed just how great football was in the '70's '80's and '90s. Football players were allowed to just go out there and play the game they love. They didn't have to worry about rule changes, fines, costing their team points from officials who controlled the game. The NFL feels they need to evolve the game of football, but really they're just taking little bits and pieces of their game away each and every single year. It really is taking the fun out of the game of football.

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